Caorle offers beach lovers 18 kilometres of sand to enjoy divided into two beaches: the Levante (East) and the Ponente (West).

Those who like to be on the water will enjoy themselves at the Laguna di Caorle. Boats are available here for excursions into the uncontaminated nature that Ernest Hemingway so loved and described in Across the River and Into the Trees.

Typical constructions called casoni dot the valleys and the marshes here. They were once used by fishermen during the high fishing season.

Walking around the historical centre of Caorle, with its multi-coloured houses lining the calli and campielli, is a bit like walking around certain areas of Venice. The heart of the city even has a fishing port that bears witness to the booming fishing economy, the last remaining bit of canal that crossed the Old City, now replaced by “land rios”.